Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Sunday currently, volume 1.

 An idea inspired by Maine Mendoza, but originally done by siddathornton and hopefully becomes a weekly habit for me.

Here it goes…

Reading Maine’s blog
Writing my first ‘the Sunday currently’ and I just finished writing ‘I’m back’ blog to mark my return to blogging
Listening Angel’s Cry by Mariah Carey
Thinking About turning my life around to be a better version of myself: Lheila 2.0
Smelling nothing
Wishing I could start studying again (Master’s Degree)
Hoping to become a Red Cross volunteer (again)
Wearing sando filled with mini hearts (shades of yellow and blue) and shorts with vertical thin stripes
Loving weekends without work
Wanting eat chips while watching a feel good movie
Needing back massage
Feeling inspired
Clicking my previous blog posts

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