Saturday, November 28, 2015

My very own website

Finally, what was once just a dream is now a reality!

The feeling is so surreal that I can't even describe it. :)

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Sunday currently, volume 4.

I missed writing last Sunday’s entry due to no Wi-Fi settings on my laptop and I was super worried about stuff I should not have worried about in the first place. But now everything’s falling into its proper places. God always makes me feel that my faith in Him prevails against all odds and I am truly grateful for that. He truly answers prayers in His own perfect time.

Reading Buzzfeed articles. I learned a lot of DIYs and recipes I am excited to try.
Writing The Sunday currently, volume 4. I was supposed to start writing a Position Paper (for a client), but I was not able to because I had to install first the latest Microsoft Office 2016 that took my whole afternoon to finish.
Listening Justin Bieber’s 'Purpose' album on repeat all day, all week. It’s that awesome!
Thinking about my busy week ahead due to work deadlines
Smelling none
Wishing to lose weight in time for the holiday parties and events to come
Hoping for a wonderful Christmas season full of outreach activities
Wearing green shirt and purple shorts
Loving Office 365 Personal for both my PC and mobile phone and S Beam feature of my Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Wanting to watch Mockingjay Part 1 in preparation for the Mockingjay Part 2 to be shown next week.
Needing to finish the set-up of the Christmas decors in our houses (old and new). I still need to buy additional trinkets and lights for the Christmas trees and other decorations for the rest of my house.
Feeling blessed and grateful because God never ceases to amaze me of His overflowing grace. I am thankful that my clients paid me already and I have new clients also, which pretty much covered all of my obligations this month. J
Clicking I have a project I am planning to work on for Christmas: #thekindnessadvocacy and this site is one of the inspirations for my personal project.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Sunday currently, volume 3.

I am becoming more of a homebody during weekends. It just feels relaxing and comfortable being at home without thinking about work and just reading, watching movies or TV shows and lying in bed.

Reading True Believer by Nicholas Sparks. I am thinking of giving myself one book to read every week.
Writing today’s volume of ‘The Sunday currently’
Listening Friends Season 1, Episode 1 (watching it while writing this blog)
Thinking about my students on how I think they are going to be a welcomed challenge this semester
Smelling scented wet wipes
Wishing to feel ‘kilig’ (not just from a student telling me ‘he likes me’ on a joking manner) all over again
Hoping to get out of my financial woes
Wearing gray spag strapped sando and Adidas shorts
Loving Apps to get me through the weekend: iflix, criminal case and busuu
Wanting Christmas tree set-up in the house
Needing to have my period. I am 10 days delayed. :(
Feeling hurt by my strained ankles

Friday, November 6, 2015

First day of Second Sem High!

Start of a new semester and I have my first day high feels!

Today was a perfect day because it was awesome & amazing and I am not even exaggerating.

I woke up at 5:30am, watched yesterday's episodes of OTWOL and Aldub Kalyeserye, out of bed by 6:30am, then had my stretching and 7-minute workout before eating breakfast and preparing for the day.

The weather was clear and warm, but not too hot. It rained though just for a couple of minutes.

I am grateful that I was very productive with work at the office. I went to San Jose to file a petition, got to finalize and sign a compromise agreement for a client and ready for filing another civil case tomorrow for another client.

I claimed my coupons from BPI thrills for a Jollibee lunch for two even if I later found out I am again allergic to chicken.

I attended the mass at AdNU presided by my fave Jesuit priest, Fr. Mallari. Plus, there's a free snack at the office, my fave food: pizza!

Also, I met my two night classes for the day and I must say their faces are refreshing to the eyes and their energy were high. I was able to share some reminders, tips and advises on how to achieve their goals in life in general.

And finally, I completed my set daily routine. :)

I am really looking forward to more awesome days, weeks, months or even years ahead.

All through out the day, happiness lingers within me.

To cap this beautiful night, from the lyrics of Stevie Wonder: I am "overjoyed, over loved, over me" is all I can say.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Sunday currently, volume 2.

All Saints Day edition

Reading ObliCon & ParCor by de Leon in preparation for this semester’s teaching classes
Writing to do’s for the week
Listening to whatever is being played at the sound booth at Eternal Garden
Thinking about my lil bro who passed away in 2010
Smelling nothing still
Wishing for my clients to pay me plus new clients/cases to cover my monthly obligations
Hoping to complete my SB stickers to have a new 2016 SB planner
Wearing black sando with colourful embellishments that I bought in Bangkok and printed pants I bought in Vietnam
Loving playing with my nephew Rocky and nieces Inah & Naz
Wanting wireless intercom for my house
Needing to get back on my 7-minute workout
Feeling tired from the Halloween & All Saints Day activities
Clicking Miles Teller online articles & his Twitter