Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Sunday currently, volume 2.

All Saints Day edition

Reading ObliCon & ParCor by de Leon in preparation for this semester’s teaching classes
Writing to do’s for the week
Listening to whatever is being played at the sound booth at Eternal Garden
Thinking about my lil bro who passed away in 2010
Smelling nothing still
Wishing for my clients to pay me plus new clients/cases to cover my monthly obligations
Hoping to complete my SB stickers to have a new 2016 SB planner
Wearing black sando with colourful embellishments that I bought in Bangkok and printed pants I bought in Vietnam
Loving playing with my nephew Rocky and nieces Inah & Naz
Wanting wireless intercom for my house
Needing to get back on my 7-minute workout
Feeling tired from the Halloween & All Saints Day activities
Clicking Miles Teller online articles & his Twitter

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