Monday, November 9, 2015

The Sunday currently, volume 3.

I am becoming more of a homebody during weekends. It just feels relaxing and comfortable being at home without thinking about work and just reading, watching movies or TV shows and lying in bed.

Reading True Believer by Nicholas Sparks. I am thinking of giving myself one book to read every week.
Writing today’s volume of ‘The Sunday currently’
Listening Friends Season 1, Episode 1 (watching it while writing this blog)
Thinking about my students on how I think they are going to be a welcomed challenge this semester
Smelling scented wet wipes
Wishing to feel ‘kilig’ (not just from a student telling me ‘he likes me’ on a joking manner) all over again
Hoping to get out of my financial woes
Wearing gray spag strapped sando and Adidas shorts
Loving Apps to get me through the weekend: iflix, criminal case and busuu
Wanting Christmas tree set-up in the house
Needing to have my period. I am 10 days delayed. :(
Feeling hurt by my strained ankles

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